6 Signs That You Are Procrastinating At Work

Signs that you are procrastinating at work

It is a sign that you are procrastinating at work if you are doing the things listed in this post. 


Everyone puts things off occasionally; however, some take it a lot farther than others. Chronic procrastination in the workplace by you and others can lead to poor results, profits, and reputation for your company. 


Here are some common signs that you are procrastinating at work.


1.   You Finish Other Unimportant or Easy Tasks First


It’s Friday morning, and your boss requests a report by the end of the day. 


You don’t have a single bit of work done, but you instantly remember your kitchen is dirty, the workspace needs to be reorganized, or emails from a week ago need to be deleted first.


2.   Always in a Rush to Show Up on Time


You stayed up all night to finish an assignment and missed your alarm clock. You know you only need ten minutes each morning to get ready and rush to work. 


Procrastinators rarely show up to work on time or early, as they can’t stick to a regular sleep schedule.


3.   You Constantly Watch the Clock


Instead of getting to work, anxiety symptoms start to sweep over your body as you realize you probably won’t have enough time to finish the assignment. 


Each second and hour goes by as you catch yourself looking at the clock and seeing time ticking away.


4.   You Repeatedly Tell Yourself, “I Have More Than Enough Time to Finish It”


You quickly look over the assignment and discover it’s easy to do and have plenty of time to finish. 


You could finish it efficiently and get it out of the way, but why should you when you can quickly do it within ten minutes before it’s due?


5.   You Start to Feel Frustrated, Irritable, and Anxious


When deliverables are due soon and you leave too many assignments to finish simultaneously, you are bound to feel stressed and frustrated.


Any new work or simple task for the day easily sets you off.


6.   Late or Missed Meetings and Assignments


Last but not least, certainly the most critical signs that you are procrastinating at work are showing up to meetings late, not at all, and rushing to submit assignments on time or continuously submitting them late.


Wrap Up


If all this seems familiar, then you are likely procrastinating at work. Over time, it will tarnish your success as your co-workers and boss can’t rely on you anymore.

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