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On this blog I talk about being successful in its entirety. I focus on the key areas of life that one needs to achieve mastery to be successful.

With that said, success is not a one size fits all deal. Success means different things to different people as they continue to learn and challenge themselves.

If you are interested in self-development as well as personal development ( yes, they are two different things), then make yourself at home on this blog, we love having you here.

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Meet the boss lady who started it all

Hi everyone, I am Simone. A wife and mother of three who, like many of you, is travelling the sought after path to success.

I am by no means, a “guru” or expert in this area. I do know however, that success is predictable and so is failure. 

The path to achieving success though different for everyone requires the same inputs. 

Like most of you I started to follow the path that society dictates. Go to school, get good grades, go to college, get a good job, get married, have kids, retire, then die.

I did all the above, except the retire and die bit and except for my roles as a wife and a mother, I felt unfulfilled.

No matter where I worked, how good the job was or how much money I was earning, I felt like a prisoner and between the smiles I would always be planning my escape. 

The problem was, I escaped from one prison to another. I have had some great employers along the way but I never felt free. 

Having someone dictate my working hours and days, when I took breaks, what my days off would be and putting a value on my time by how much they decided to pay me, was a huge turn off.

I wanted to wake up in the morning and decide what I would do with my day while still bringing in an income.

Success for me meant freedom and freedom meant having my own businesses and that’s why I started this blog (that and the fact that I love to write).

I am pursuing my purpose by making a lot of lifestyle changes. Changing my habits, being productive, having self-control, taking action and emotional mastery is just a few of the principles that I have adopted and I have hit many milestones since, starting this blog being one of them.

If you want to get unstuck and finally pursue your dreams and take action on your goals to live the life you’ve dreamed of, then you will be at home here.

Simone Blythe