Can Procrastination at Work Be A Positive Thing?

Can Procrastination AT Work Be a Positive Thing

Can procrastination at work be a positive thing?


You hear it all the time: procrastination is harmful, and you must stop before you ruin your relationships and destroy your career. 


However, procrastinating isn’t that straightforward. There are many different reasons why someone may procrastinate. 


Sometimes this behavior can be hard to explain, but when looked at as a whole, it may turn out to be a blessing in disguise.


Procrastination at work can be a positive thing, and here is how:


Identifies Your True Passions


When procrastination strikes, it becomes pretty apparent when you don’t enjoy doing something. 


When you’re bored at work, sick of a job, or not inspired, you’ll look for other things that take your interest. 


You reach out and hold on to just about anything else that keeps you happy. This can help you identify your true passions and even find a job and career to which you are better suited.


Boost Your Creativity and Decision-Making Skills


Having to do last-minute work challenges your brain to develop better ways to get jobs done. If you had started the assignment earlier, you may have never discovered the hack to finish it faster. 


Instead of working harder, you end up working smarter due to less available time and resources.


Identify Common Issues at Work


Oftentimes, procrastination is a direct result of something else, especially in the office.


 It can be due to poor teamwork, lack of skills or education, or missing materials and directions. Poor relationships with upper management or fear of looking stupid or inadequate could be the culprit too. 


Since most problems, including procrastination, have multiple causes, identifying the issues at work is crucial for building a better team to solve them. 


You want to work in a company that boosts creativity, morality, and teamwork – not one that degrades and makes you feel less than.


Eliminates Unnecessary Tasks


When you procrastinate, something else has to give.


If you can easily avoid doing a task because something else is more important, it’s likely not worth doing in the first place. If your priorities are in order, there’s no reason to waste time on one thing when something else is more important.


Boosts Productivity


This may sound a little counter-intuitive; however, most procrastinators are not as lazy as society would like you to think. 


In fact, they are hard workers, care about their work, and are always working.


 Avoiding more significant tasks means getting others done with and out of the way first. And once they tackle these, they get the most important tasks done as fast as possible. 


The upside is that they devote more time to the task which results in better overall productivity. They end up finishing more things in less time and coming up with better solutions to problems.


Wrap Up


As you can see, procrastinating at work isn’t always a bad thing. 


It can help you find things that are important to you so you can focus on them and enjoy your time. There is always a silver lining as long as you are paying attention to the details.


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