Productive Procrastination-How to Make Procrastination Beneficial

Productive Procrastination

If you are a procrastinator, there are ways you can still be productive even while procrastinating.   Do you get attracted to non-essential things while doing your important tasks? Have you ever felt the temptation to engage in activities or tasks that are not at all useful? Do you often feel that you are not […]

Procrastination Theory – How It All Began

Procrastination Theory

Procrastination Theory – How It All Began   Let’s take a look at the Procrastination Theory and how it all began.   I’m willing to bet that you already know what procrastination is. You probably procrastinated a bit today but do you know where the concept of procrastination got started?   I’m here to tell […]

What Is Procrastination?

What is Procrastination

Procrastination has been a problem since as far back as human beings have inhabited the earth. It’s nothing new.    The ancient Greek philosophers Socrates and Aristotle have developed a word to describe this type of behavior. They call it Akrasia.   Akrasia is basically acting against your better judgment.  You choose to do one […]