How To Do Tasks You Don’t Enjoy

How To Do Tasks You Don't Enjoy

Would you like to find a way to do tasks you don’t enjoy?


In a dream world, you would only need to do the things you absolutely enjoy each and every day and let others take on the daunting and draining tasks of life. 


However, in the real world most of us won’t get the chance to experience such fortune, so it is best to find ways to combat it now.


How To Do Tasks You Don't Enjoy


The following are five tips on how to get on with tasks you don’t enjoy:


Focus on Why


Focus on the bigger picture. 


Why do you need to get this task done? What would happen if you don’t get it done? 


Instead of focusing on the task and what it is you don’t like to do, focus on the reasons and motivation to finish the work.


Unfortunately, as adults, there will always be things we have to finish even if we don’t enjoy doing them.


Analyze Your Distaste


In other words, what exactly is it about the task that you do not enjoy? 


Take your time and honestly look within yourself to unlock the real reasons. 


Maybe you do enjoy the task but actually fear the judgment after you finish it. 


It could be that you are a perfectionist and have set an unrealistic standard for yourself.


Take the time to truly self-reflect to ensure it doesn’t affect you negatively in the long run.


Break It Down; Think Baby Steps


How can you break down the work into something you enjoy more? 


Break it down into small and manageable tasks that make it seem more comfortable or more enjoyable. 


Break the project down into very tiny steps if you need to. Make the steps so small that the tasks seem ridiculously easy. 


The point is to find ways to encourage you to get the work done. Making it easier and more fun is the best way to approach it.


Schedule Breaks


After you finish each task, allow yourself to take breaks. 


If the tasks are extra dull, then schedule more time off and don’t feel guilty about it. Use your breaks as motivation to work fast and get it over with.


Create a Reward System


Gifts are fun and can be a great way to inspire you to get to work. 


Try to avoid food or limit the number of treats, or it can turn into quite an unhealthy situation. 


Reward yourself with self-care activities. That could be days off, a walk at the park, or a break to watch a movie or chat with a friend. 


Wrap Up


The trick to getting work done you don’t enjoy is to turn it around and make it into something you enjoy, or find ways to reward yourself after it’s finished.


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