Money Affirmation (Does it really Work?)

Money Affirmations

Money affirmations can help you if your financial situation is less than desired.


Are You tired of living paycheck to paycheck?


If you were to miss two or even one paycheck, what would your finances look like? 


Would your creditors be camping out at your front door?


Do you always dream of having more money, for the holidays, to purchase a new car, save up for a house deposit or an emergency fund? Of course you do.


Money affirmations can assist you in achieving your financial goals.


Even though affirmations are not a magical way to become wealthy, they can be a helpful tool to encourage you to look for more opportunities to do so. 


As long as you use affirmations, this mighty giant in your head will find ways to support you in achieving your goals.


Here in this article, we teach you how to use positive money affirmations with ease and how to use affirmations to attract money. So be focused and read on. 


What Is The Meaning of Money Affirmation?


The mantras of money are statements you keep repeating and believing over and over again in order to succeed.


Developing a money mindset in this way can help you build wealth if you work hard enough.


Affirmations for money work in the same way as affirmations for prosperity do. When you repeat them, you get more focused, motivated, and energized. 


They will not only assist you in focusing on attracting wealth, but they will also alert you to potential possibilities.


Invoking positive affirmations causes your subconscious mind to look for ways to assist you in achieving your goals, thereby releasing your inner giant. 


It’s almost as if you’re broadcasting your wish to the universe by repeating affirmations over and over. A serious effort will draw the attention of the universe. In this approach, you’re engaging the law of attraction.


Are Money Affirmations Important For Financial Success?


No matter where you start, a money mantra will help you stay focused on achieving your financial goals. 


If you keep an optimistic attitude, you can significantly improve your financial situation. It is normal to feel negative about money, but negativity won’t serve you well. 


In truth, a pessimistic outlook may cause you to continue following the same financial patterns that aren’t helping you. 


Having a positive attitude could help you find beautiful things. It will be better for you to comment on your progress rather than just pointing out your problems.


Money affirmations are similar to financial affirmations in that they can help you clear your mind of restricting attitudes and beliefs.


Don’t forget the value of positive thought! You’ll be surprised at how much better your life can be if you change your thinking.


Do Money Affirmations Work?


When it comes to the question of whether money affirmations work, the answer is  yes. 


It has worked for many other people, including Jim Carey and Denzel Washington. You can read more about it here.


If you use money affirmations properly, they do work. The use of money affirmations can be helpful, as long as you back them up with effort. 


In order to increase your focus on your financial goals and plans, you can use money affirmations. 


The act of changing thought patterns takes time and effort, but affirmations are one way to be more mindful of what you think, which filters into what you do.


Money Affirmations

The Best Way to Use Money Affirmations


You can attract money to your life by repeating positive affirmations. But in order to succeed, money affirmation needs to be used properly. 


When considering the best technique to employ money affirmation, you might imagine someone standing in front of a mirror and talking to themselves. 


This may seem unusual to you. It is not necessary to follow this strategy unless you want to. There are other ways.


It’s a good idea to write about it in your journal. You might also place it on your computer’s desktop, whiteboard, or as a screensaver. You can sing it while driving as an alternative. 


You can do your money affirmations multiple times a day.


The Relationship Between Your Money and Your Mindset


A sense of scarcity drives everyone. 


If you take this perspective, money and other resources are seen as zero-sum games. 


Take poker for example, this is a zero-sum game since the amount that is won by some players is the exact amount that is lost by other players. Chess and tennis are also zero-sum games because one person wins and the other loses.


If you have a scarcity mindset, you may feel awful when money comes in or goes out.


Receiving money can make you feel bad about “taking money from others” because giving money to others makes you feel like you’re spending less. It’s like this when it comes to money and mindset.


The Real Reasons Why You are Not Making Money Right Now


You shouldn’t blame your employment status, the products you sell, or the number of years you’ve spent in your career for why you aren’t making more money. That has nothing to do with money in this concept.


You can never make meaningful money if you believe you have to work long, hard hours for it. 


You’ll also have difficulties attracting abundance into your life if you feel you’re not deserving because your family lives  paycheck to paycheck.


In the same vein, if you say that you want more money, but deep down, you are afraid of how your friends and family would view you if you had a lot of money, you would unconsciously avoid expanding your wealth.


Do you understand? 


Your beliefs and mindset about money may cause you to disengage from money-making opportunities without even realizing it.


Whenever you desire to create something or have something, you put out an energy that says, “I want this!” 


In other words, that part of you wants to live more abundantly and knows that having wealth is a good thing.


At the same time, you may be sending out an energy that says to the unconscious brain: ‘I take that back!’. This money is scary, and I am not a worthy recipient! Consequently, then your life purpose conflicts with your intentions.


How To Transition From Lack To Abundance


Here are the steps you should follow to transition yourself from lack to abundance.


Focus On What You Have


An abundance mindset focuses on gratitude always. Positive thinking means focusing on the things you have right now. 


The moment you focus on what you are grateful for, you naturally break free from the scarcity mindset.


Look For The Lesson 


Suppose things don’t seem to be working out the way you want them to. Whenever you find yourself caught up in this spiral of scarcity or lack, think about what lesson you can take from it.


You know what the effect is (scarcity or lack). Now examine the cause.


Believe You Are Enough


When you have thoughts of scarcity, you see everything in that light. 


You may believe that you need specific certification or education before applying for certain jobs, getting promoted, or finding your purpose.


You might believe that you do not deserve a salary that reflects your worth or that you cannot pursue the life you desire.


You can develop an abundance mindset by changing your thoughts to believe you are inherently worthy.


25 Powerful Money Affirmations to Get You Started


  1. I deserve wealth and prosperity, and I am open to it.
  2. I commit to getting out of my own way when it comes to financial success.
  3. Every time I touch money, it comes back multiplied.
  4. Money doesn’t have to mean shame.
  5. I will have exactly what I need at any given moment.
  6. My relationship with money comes without limits.
  7. I will never go without.
  8. My affirmations for finances are manifesting magic for me.
  9. I can let it go, trusting it will come back tenfold.
  10. I am worthy of a prosperous life.
  11. Today I made more money.
  12. Large sums of money are coming for me.
  13. If I am honest and trustworthy in my money decisions, the universe will take care of me.
  14. Money can bring joy, and joy can get money.
  15. Every action I take brings me prosperity.
  16. When I place myself inflow, money comes to me.
  17. I am a money magnet.
  18. I am abundant regardless of what is in my pocket.
  19. I want it, and therefore I shall have it.
  20. If I trust it, it will come.
  21. Money is coming quickly and effortlessly.
  22. My history with money is not my future.
  23. My energy is always attracting money.
  24. I am good with money.
  25. I am worthy of making money.


To Wrap Up 


Money affirmations are tools that you can use to change your view and story about money. 


Whether you believe it or not, how you perceive yourself plays a huge role in your performance, success, and happiness. It’s a potent weapon that can work for you or against you. 


Choose happiness and transform your financial condition by making the right choice. Do not give up when doubts start coming to mind. 


Repeat the affirmations over and over again. You will sooner or later begin to improve your financial situation. 


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